Giving mom and dad a helping hand!

Baby Bottle Trainer

Allows baby to hold the bottle
Perfect for car seat & stroller
Designed for easy release
Prevents bottle drop
Fits all bottle types
Hypo allergenic
Great for twins

  • Specially designed for easy release. The sits lightly around infants neck and can
    be pushed away effortlessly when the Baby wishes. Equally important, the strechy elastic
    keeps the bottle snug and prevents bottles from falling onto unsanitary floors.

  • The has a cut away design that allows the baby to hold the bottle. In turn, the
    teaches the baby the necessary motor skills to hold a bottle and eventually
    become independent.

  • Feeding time creates a special bond between baby and parent. Though breastfeeding is
    best for babies, the original is always ready to end a helping hand.
    “Dont be distracted while driving.”


“When it comes to
feeding my baby,
I trust the
more than my husband.”

- Monica Littlemore,
Working Mother

“Don’t tell my wife...
but the let's me
play my video games and make
sure our baby is fed and happy.”

- Eric Wilcox,

“ I’m a working mom
and sometimes I just wish
I had an extra hand. The
is as close as I'm
gonna get. Whata huge help!”

- Jennifer Dobs,
Student Mother